Studio 706 - Rush Hour - Infinitive Group

(1 teacher and 14 students of Fine arts College of Hue City)
Duration : July 13, 2006 – July 20, 2006.
Open for public until July 31st, 2006.
15 members of Infinitive Group- 15 installation artworks

Hoang Minh Tuyen (Student)


We always fight for perfection. But if we do not know how to control our desire, the perfection we are longing for will become an illusion and will tie us up and make us leave the real value of life.

Le Nhu Hieu (Student)


Impasse, annoyance, stress... are human problems resulting from animating life.

Le Thanh Nam Tran (Student)

Young Lifestyle

 Saigon is a young city , always animating and exciting. The inhabitants look young and active and the streets with scintillating lights are every minute crowded with lines of people and vehicle rushing back and forth. The city is nearly always on the move. However, under the face of that young city, there does exist what is called temptation.

Le Thi Minh Nguyet (Student)

The road

Each object and each person has íts own typical value and they are the active witnesses of a city.

Le Thi Thanh Truc (Student)


An animating and exciting life always forces us to adapt to it if we want to catch up with its pace. My work is to depict something unreal which may become real at a certain moment just as the impression we have about  Saigon by night when we loot at a fastfood conner of it in the evening.

Le Van Son (Student)

Inside the city

The problems of social evils, corrupion, self-indulgent life... coexist with social development. They should be recognized for a thorough understanding.

Le Viet Trung (Student)

The distance

Corruption, robbery, violence, envy ,and taking advantage of each other’s helpfulness are the natural products of the style of life in a high competitive environment, or in a time when material values are highly appreciated. This makes  us more or less watchful and sceptical, and causes an invisible separation among ourselves.

Ngo Thi Thuy Duyen (Student)

Climb up

We all want to find for each of us a  good light just like the poor that move to the city for a better new life to escape their poverty in the countryside. It is not easy at all!

Nguyen Dang Luong (Student)


We all want to find for each of us a  good light just like the poor that move to the city for a better new life to escape their poverty in the countryside. It is not easy at all!

Nguyen Hoa (student)

I'm on running

In the flow of the speed of life and development, each individual is a machine. The only difference is its speed: fast or slow. Each of us is a link of  a chain that interacts with another one to cause an integration of activities and development.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai (student)


It’s the hasty life that makes people to compete with each other. In this modern and active life environment, the good and fragile values can get hurt and broken easily.

Nguyen Van He (Student)


Whenever a person departs, the feeling he leaves behind is not the same as that of the other. That’s something very human. After deciding to make the direction for  the next step, he wonders if it’s the right way to go....The time all his moods lasts is much longer than a life time.

Phan Le Chung (Student)

Red map

Traffic jams, an emergent social problem to be solved, occur every day in  the streets of Saigon, especially at rush hours.  By making a general map of the streets in Saigon together with their sound that is directly recorded and the background of light, my work will bring the viewers to a reality of the interlocking streets with the complication they cause that needs getting rid of. 

Tran Tuan (student)

Tropical city

The fresh colors of fruit will send away the heat and suffocation of the tropical modern city. They also warn mankind  of the crude damage they cause to nature.

Truong Thien (Teacher)

Rush hour

How many events or stories you get from the newspapers or the online newsreports you read or watch every day ? I may read the same amount, and then I stick part of it on the wall.

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