Bang Lam

(Born 1944, lives and works in Hanoi)

Bang Lam is an army journalist, photographer and artist. He graduated from Piza Maharaxaley, Thailand, and the Fine Arts University, Hanoi. Bang Lam spent nearly 40 years in the army, during which he created a huge volume of photographic work. His black and white images, viewed again after 30 years, appear surprisingly contemporary. They still radiate the energy of youth, a harsh but beautiful nature. 
Bang Lam received the bronze medal from the National Art Exhibition in 1985.

“During the Vietnam War, when I was in the Marines, I went to many places in Vietnam, particularly the Spreatly Islands, Truong Sa. This was also the period in my creative life with which I feel most satisfied. Seeing the birds flying over the islands and the faces of the soldiers standing guard, I was filled with compassion and sympathy for the hardship they were going through. The soldiers also liked my work, they lived naturally, letting me capture the moments in a true way. I have the deep memories of their care for me. Despite their hardship, they gave me everything, from rice to water.”
 (Bằng Lâm, 2006)   

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