Do Hien

(Born in 1946, lives and works in Hanoi)

Tank Captain of Company 7, 25,5x36, Child Nguyen Thi Tam in Quang Binh Province, 31x43, 1972, Communicative soldiers in managing tunnel, 41x32, 1971, Comrade Ngo, scouting soldier, 38x25, Comrade Hy Tang Soi, 27x39, 1967, Lower Laos, 21x37,1973, The aviator in waiting room, 23x30, 1967, Aviationteam before training time, 27x39,5, 1971

As a ground trooper, Do Hien documented the Vietnam-American War from the field, making hundreds of portraits and depictions of war and what lies in its path.

After taking fine arts courses in Hanoi, Do Hien started a long career in art, first as a painter for the Hai Phong Popular Opera Troupe. He continued working during the years he served in the army as an anti-aircraft gunner and made paintings for the Political Department of the Anticraft Aviation Arm while he was a reporter for a military newspaper. 

While many war artists evoke violent and grotesque images of cruelty and despair, Hien’s work prefers the human element, such as the relationships that develop between individuals under the duress of combat. In addition to his traditional ink sketches and paintings, Hien has produced unique, brightly colored collage paintings. 

After the war Hien taught at the Hanoi Child House and continued his direct involvement with art as a painter for the Vietnam Television Station. Presently, he is a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Veteran’s Union Branch. He is also a recipient of the Cultural Publishing House Prize for his drawing, Native Vietnam’s Long Lived Hero. (CTAV)

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