Saigon Open City Project

Saigon Open City is a long-term art and cultural project consisting of exhibitions and special events that will run within a two years period 2006 - 2008. It will address the significance of modern and contemporary art, looking at visual strategies and historical contexts in Vietnam from the liberation period up until the present.

Saigon Open City will contextualize and juxtapose these strategies and contexts with regional and global perspectives.The exhibitions will be based on specific, thematic chapters. The three different chapters will focus on the issues of Liberation, Unification and (Re)construction.

The project wants to bridge the gap between three generations of artists and audiences, by promoting an awareness of contemporary art to the general public, through a series of proposed events, lectures, workshops and educational programs. It will be an opportunity and venue for exchanges and exposure both for both the local artistic community as well as the international and regional art community. The project would like to bring to the public and the artistic community a greater perspective and understanding of contemporary art and its importance and function in society.

Saigon Open City is funded by a number of organisations such as the Ford Foundation, the American Center Foundation, etc.

Saigon Open City is organised by Saigon Open City (SOC) Co., a non-profit organisation. In the recent years, SOC Co. has done significant works in preparing the art infrastructure in Ho Chi Minh, working with the city government and other institutions, and introducing contemporary art to the community through lectures, exhibitions, studios programs and conferences.

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