September 2006

 Ha Noi SOC’s workshops   “ Movement and conversion”  September 2006

Curator: Tran Luong
Discussion: Dang Hoang Giang

In general context of cultural and art development process in Viet Nam, art commercialization trend and  norm of directing toward serving the masses’ tastes are transgressing academy flows and art development programs completely.

Beside many social situation reasons, the basic shortage of art education, specialist 
training as well as taking less importance on supporting and introducing art have led to the break among public, artists and art supporting structure.

One important part in SOC principle is to build infrastructure for the existing of  contemporary art in VietNamese life as an indispensable part in art flowing rhythm: building public, technical material facilities, art spartial systems and world relations.

Futhermore, bringing as many chances as good for learning, contacting and experimenting with colleagues, older artists and especially international rank artists is not less important. The coming workshop in Ha Noi  is  in series of SOC activities, aiming at  above art developing purposes.

Time:    September 29th and 30th , 2006
Venue: Hanoi Goethe Institution, 56-58 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. 

Hanoi Fine Arts students and guests (include 3 Saigon and 3 Hue fine arts students).


September 29th
- Starting with a movement experiment lecture (4 minutes for each person)
- Discussing about two night performance art on  September 27th and 28th  of the above student group.

September 30th
- Performance and installation art workshop “Conversing things’ functions”
- Practice level 2  artwork
- Installation practice “Conversing things’functions”

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