August 2006

SOC presentation in Singapore Biennale 2006

With the worldwide success of the biennale model, their inflationary number has led to the question of whether large exhibitions of the scale of the biennale will continue to be practical or necessary in the future. In 2000, the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen and the Museum Fridericianum in Kassel convened an international conference on the subject of biennales with representatives from participating groups and institutions. From this emerged a biennale network, which last met in 2002 in Frankfurt . In August 2006, these discussions continue in Singapore in conjunction with the inaugural Singapore Biennale, raising concerns in a discussion with a growing network of curators who circulate amongst these biennales. The public forum was called “The Biennale Complex”, and took place on 31st Aug, in the Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore .

At “The Biennale Complex”, Saigon Open City was presented by its co-curator, Gridthiya Gaweewong, among presentations by curators/organizers of a number of  biennales such as Sydney, Moscow , Manifesta, Dakar ( Senegal ), Sharjah ( United Arab Emirates ) and Ushuaia ( Argentina).  

Organizers and Partners of “The Biennale Complex” : Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, Stuttgart AICA - Singapore Section Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art, Berlin Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts Singapore Biennale.

Research trip by Rirkrit Tiravanija and Gridthiya Jeab Gaweewong for the Liberation exhibition

The artistic directors of Saigon Open City, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Gridthiya Jeab Gaweewong will take a following-up research trip to continue work on the first Chapter of the project, the Liberation exhibition (opening on November 25th). The research trip will starts on 7th September and lead to Ho Chi Minh City , Hue and Ha Noi. During the research trip, the curators will meet and work with local artists, galleries, and museums which are participating in the exhibition and sattelite activities.

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