February 2006

°  Lecture by Ms Cheryl Younger ( director of photography Institution in New York from 1990 until December 2005) about Contemporary photography: The role of the artist/photographer in the society on February 27th, 2006 in Ho Chi Minh City Photography Society.

Cheryl Younger discuss the role of the photographer in society, the difference between journalistic, documentary work and art photography, formats each kind of imagemaking requires, explore questions related to the art and practice of photographic imagemaking. Looking at work critically, historically from the point of view of the artist and art market as well as how the image operates in the society and what obligations do photographers as artist have.

°  Inside, the first solo exhibition by Nguyen Mau Tan Thu from February 15th, 2006 to February 21st, 2006 in SOC Building, 3A Ton Duc Thang str., Dist 1. HCM City . The exhibition consists of goat, Doù  paper paintings and an installation work. At present, Nguyen Mau Tan Thu is a student in “Ecole Supeùrieur des Beaux-Arts de Tours”- France.

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