Christelle Lheureux

(Born 1972, lives and Works in Paris and Geneva)

A carp jumps in his mind (video, 35 min., 2005)
A prehistoric experience (video performance, 1:20, 2006)

Christelle Lheureux has Art degrees from University Picardy, Paris VIII, Beaux Arts and Fresnoy. Collaboration with other artists, filmmakers, architects and writers is a strong element in her artistic practice. Lheureux will show her short film, A carp jumps in his mind. Inspired by watching Barefoot Gen, a Manga cartoon by Keiji Nakazawa, it features the voice of a young Japanese boy narrating a story. Images of a young man wandering around the mountains of Hiroshima, sixty years after the catastrophe, become a reflection of the A-Bomb through its representations.

Also to be shown later on in the Liberation Chapter is a video performance, in which Christelle Lheureux collaborates with a Vietnamese writer, who will construct a narrative to accompany Lheureux’s silent film, A Prehistoric Experience. The film comprises a series of evocative, static shots of people and landscapes taken in Japan. Lheureux’s filmmaking experiments have previously been realized with five other writers, each in their own language. Opening the viewers’ imagination for reinventing quiet and intriguing images, drama remains a suggestion in the minimal facial gestures of the actors.

Christelle Lheurex currently lives in Paris and teaches cinema at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Geneva (Switzerland). Her participation in Saigon Open City is supported by the French Embassy, Vietnam.

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