Dang Tran Son

(Born in 1938, lives and works in Hanoi)

“Most memorable was my field trip to the devastating battlefield Quang Binh, Vinh Linh. It was beginning 1970, and I was student in the last year of the Fine Arts University Hanoi. I went to places where some of the heaviest fighting took place. I drew while I was directly in the battle, a small box of watercolor was my only equipment. Quang Binh was fierce. Beside the general optimism and determination there were soldiers who were not eating or drinking, pretending to be sick, in the hope to be transferred back. There was no photo or movie camera back then, so drawing was the only way to capture images of soldiers at war. The artist had a very important role and was very honored by the soldiers. I captured their everyday life and I always wanted to draw them, more and more. In many cases, those were the last images of the soldiers before they died. 

After the war, I continued venturing to the even most remote jungles to draw soldiers. War and soldiers will remain the only theme for the generations of artists who went through the two most brutal wars of the country.”
(Dang Tran Son, 2006)

Born in 1938 in Hanoi.
Graduated from Fine Arts University Hanoi in 1970.
Medal for the Arts of Vietnam, Medal for Vietnam’s Journalism, Medal for Vietnam’s Art and Literature, Medal for Vietnam’s Culture and Information.  

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