August 2006

Himiko Visual Salon: The “Internal Instinct” exhibition consist of nude oil paintings of Ciarna Hackett, an Ireland artist, from August 21st to September 3rd , 2006 . Most  paintings are about her experience, knowledge and the joy of painting through women image. Ciarna Hackett received the honor award of Art Diploma in Galway Mayo Art Institute, Ireland . She currently lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City


Mai’s gallery and Montana Cafe: Thao Dan charitable painting exhibition,showed and sold artworks of street children from August 17th to August 18th , 2006 aimed to raise fund for supporting children in Thao Dan - a center and orphanage for disadvantaged and displaced children. Sarah Beck, an American student working and studying in Ho Chi Minh city organized  a lot of activities to help these children learnning art.

“transPOP: Korea and Vietnam in the Mix” is a large exhibition traveling to museums inAmerica(Smithsonian, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery), Viet Nam, and Koreain 2007. American curators Yong Soon Min and Viet Le have come to research about  Ho Chi Minh city contemporary  art. On August 9th , 2006, the curators had an introduction about their exhibition in SOC building and met artists to for transPOP. The show dealt with the historic and contemporary relations between Viet Nam and Korea , popular culture (particularly Vietnamese pop and Korean pop), globalization, identity and so on.

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