Move on Asia 2010

4min 20sec, 2010
Young artists do not get a lot of chances to show their works. Sometimes they use media that might not be communicated to art sponsors or viewers, who may have difficulties understanding and appreciating their works. However, such situation will not stop the artists from creation and experiment in art.

Le Quy Anh Hao was born in better conditions compared to other contemporary artists from the Vietnam Fine Arts Academy. While at school, he did not take any art classes. Instead, he studied works by top artists through visual experiences, theory interpretation and practicing, which all helped led him to create this new media art.
He participated in a modern art exhibition <&ltSaigon Open City>> (2006) with two art works — &ltThe Eighth Day> and &ltLinking Language&gt. The exhibition was a large scale training event for artists of his generation to show new media art. He continued to participate in a range of other art projects such as <&ltPace on Peace>> in Korea and an art performance festival in Hanoi in 2006.
His art career has a long road ahead, and self-studying is a new experience for him. Many Vietnamese contemporary artists do not observe things in detail, and their personal feelings are not usually shown in their works. &ltDisintegration> is a rare artwork. It shows the last minutes of life in detail - the relationship between a father and a son with just a few minutes left. The last minutes of life cling to the human mind. The feeling stays but then disappears in that short moment of life.
The artist shows his image in the father’s shadow, a shattered feeling torturing the son. The prayer makes the two persons become one in their minds but they are separated in reality. This brings the father to the land of nothingness.
Le Quy Anh Hao’s hard work shows that the new generation of artists will follow the path of art, though it is gloomy and achievements are still far away. Vietnamese contemporary art remains alive and continues to develop, but it is not a smooth path because there are many who still do not understand, feel and share it. Still, the artists are going their way because they are artists

Tiếng Việt